A downloadable Asshole Simulator

Hello, and welcome to assuredly, most certainly, definitely the only game that allows you to pretend to be a high-society CEO with a silver spoon up your ass. The morons you've got working down in your IT department have thrown this off-brand phone together to help you make big decisions regarding each of your companies.

You're the Chief Executive Prick Officer of four different companies and a controversial political campaign. You've got a:

  • Wrecking company
  • Real estate company
  • Fast food company called McDoogles
  • And a mining company

Your job is to keep each of these businesses reputable, without ruining your own public perception or going broke.

The "Decisions" app presents you with a decision that would usually relate to one or more of your businesses or you personally. When you mouse over a decision it'll show you how much money you'll make and each of the companies that'll be effected, whether good or bad.

In the "Statistics" app it shows how each of your companies are doing, and a rough estimate of how the public perceives you (HInt: you want them not to hate you).

In the likely event the public does hate you (and let's face it, they probably already do), you can spend some money in the "PR" app to change public perception, because money buys everything, including a positive Twoot campaign.

The "Help" app tells you everything I just told you again because you're probably an idiot. You're considering this game, aren't you?

Finally, the bank is where your money from each of your businesses goes every turn, and where you can go for a bailout. Since this is also your favorite place to hang out, the button is gold because $MONEY$

Now go kill some orphans for me.


Good Deeds Inc v1.2.zip 18 MB

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